All the people play different kind of pranks and I am not very much different than other people. I also love to try some unique pranks with my friends and I always make them fool with my unique ideas. I have Pranks with cheap and erotic escortsfew friends that are almost crazy about erotic women and if they see some erotic women then they wish to date them at any cost. I know their weakness and that is why I always take the help of this weakness to play pranks with them.

To play pranks with my roommate, I mostly hire some hot and sexy girls from cheap escorts services and I include them in my plan. After hiring an erotic girl via cheap escorts service, I ask them to go to a place where my friends go very often and then my buddy approach to that girl as soon as they see her. After approaching to the erotic girl that I planted with the help of cheap escorts services, my friends usually ask her out on date and as per my instructions she says yes for the date and fix a place and time of my choice.

This is the only thing that cheap escorts do for me and I never inform my buddies about my planning. And when my colleague expect they will have a nice and fantastic date with and an erotic girl, then they end up seeing me and other friends at the same place. This is one of those pranks that always works and my friends get shocked with it. Also, in this method I always get good support from cheap escorts that always increase the fun included in pranks. Other than this, I play some other jokes also with the help of erotic cheap escorts and I always get success in that with utmost simplicity.

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