I have a big collection of erotic and naughty jokes and I always suggest my friends to learn some erotic and dirty jokes for various reasons. The good thing about these jokes is that you can always get it free on the internet and you don’t have to pay anything to learn it. But sometime my friends also ask me about those reasons because of which they should know some erotic jokes and I do have answers also for this question.

It makes you center of attraction: When you are in a group of people then you can start sharing erotic and naughty jokes with all of them. When people get any kind of fun for free, they try to have that fun all the time. If your kinky and naughty jokes are actually funny and if you are sharing it for free, then people will like it and they will become your fan. Eventually, you will become the center of attraction in that group and you will have publicity that too for free.

It increases your sex life: You might not accept it in a normal way, but this is true that if you will have a big collection of erotic and naughty lines, then you will be able to have better sex life also and that will be completely free for you. With your kinky jokes, you can have funny and naughty fun with your partner and that fun can make you free from other tension as well. Doctors firmly believe that if you are free from tension, then you think about sex and you get better sex with your partner in a great way.

It helps you pass your free time: If you have a lot of free time with you and you do not know what you shall do, then you can start reading erotic linat various places. When you will read the erotic and funny lines, then you will feel good with it and you will surely be able to pass your time in easy ways. So, that is one more thing that you can get having funny and erotic jokes in your mobile, tablet or in your bag.

It gives you lot of fun: I don’t have to prove that if you know so many erotic jokes with you, then you can surely have lot of fun also. And the best thing about this fun is that you will be able to have great fun and that will be completely free for you. And the good thing about this option is that not only you will get great fun, but you will give the best fun to others as well with the help of naughty or erotic lines and needless to say, this is one of the best fun for same.

So, if you are still not sure if you should learn the erotic and funny jokes or not, then you do have answers for that. And I am sure if you will do it, then you will get the best outcome with it.

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