London is a promising city with colors from all over the world. The city is well maintained, extremely beautiful, and has got the people from every background. The tourism is amazing there and if you are looking for some real fun. Many residents bars in London cityand tourists love the night life of the city and they especially spend their days and nights in finding out all those interesting stuff there.

While talking about the London’s night life, you cannot put the bars in London on aback. Some of the world’s best bars are present in the city and they are absolutely loved by the visitors. The bars in London, which you must visit, are:

– Vinopolis, London Bridge: This bar is all modern with all the robots serving the wine to the customers. The bar was renovated in 2012 and it is one of the best bars in London.

– The Jerusalem Tavern, Farringdon: The old style pub offers you an extremely tasty beer at very cheap prices. The interior is so classy and the staff is friendly with the customers. There are tables in the corner, pavement, and up the steps.

– Craft beer Company, Clerkenwell: You get 37 flavors of beers running down from the taps at this bars in London and whatever name you find interesting, just pick it and have it in your glass. The surroundings are fun with everyone stacked

together and people love to have gathered here.

– Quinn’s, Kentish Town: In this bar, you will find everything traditional. It is run by Mr. and Mrs. Quinn. After the riots of 2012, this was the first bar to open in North London and it offers an absolutely fun to be there. The quality of beer is great with some mysterious formula.

As you see that these bars in London seem totally fun places to be and if you are in the city to plan to be there sooner, then do visit them.

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